Pushing themselves far beyond their created purpose to be no more than an Archon created biological weapon. The Zhou must now struggle against their unquenchable hunger if they are to coexist alongside the other races.

Zhou Race Traits 
» You may function normally in all, non-heat related, hostile environments. 
» Gain +2 Recovery when in the same space as a recently deceased, organic corpse. 
» +1 Survival, Physical, and Exotic. 
» Gain Language: Primal X’ion or Zhou. 
» You eats lots! 
» -2 Electronics, and Programming. 
» -2 Resupply, to your groups largest Spacecraft. 
» Food Supplies last 2 fewer days for you. 
» Complication: Prejudice from Nephilim.

Play a Zhou if you: 
» Are motivated by primal instincts. 
» Want to be a sentient plant. 
» Like to eat things. 
» Like to change the shape of your body. 
» Like to explore strange environments.

Physical Qualities 
» Average Height: 1.5m. 
» Average Weight: 135kg. 
» Average Life Span: 32 years. 
» Bodies made from a wide range of materials (vegitation is most common). 
» Mask like faces. 
» Not always bipedal.

Home World: Praid 
The Archons made liberal use of the semi-sentient Zhou contagion during the later stages of the Great War. Spreading it over numerous Nephilim infested systems. The Zhou devoured the surfaces of all of these worlds, before starving themselves to death in all known cases, except for those Zhou on the small world of Praid. 

Praid was the final fall back point for numerous Nephilim fleets after the departure of X’ion. For a century the Praid Nephilim fought back against the Zhou contagion. But as the Nephilim devolved into feral beasts, the Zhou evolved. 

Becoming slowly aware that they would eventually starve themselves to death, they created a semblance of a primitive culture to regulate each other, with each Zhou tribe seeking to create a stable ecosystem for themselves amongst the many, and varied ecological conditions of Praid, both on land, and under the sea. 

Praid has been placed under a strict quarantine by the Twi-Far. If the Zhou were allowed to freely roam the sector they could become an unstoppable plague that could destroy many worlds. Especially if given access to spacecraft.

Zone World:

Zhou Culture 
Making use of Nephilim genetics, Archon scientist created a devastating biological weapon, classified ‘Zhou’. When deployed the Zhou sludge would rapidly spread, devouring all (prioritising biological matter) in its path until it would eventually run out of food and starve to death. If it were not for the Nephilim halting the progress of the Zhou on the planet Praid, the Zhou would have been nothing more than a footnote of yet another biological weapon used during the Great War. 

Having their all-consuming hunger halted and their spread across Praid thwarted, the Zhou were given time to grow and develop in a way that they were not designed to. Making instinctive use of their incorporated Nephilim genetics to adapt, they developed their nature and gained a more fully realised intelligence, and with it the ability to understand their path towards self-destruction. 

Crafting bodies for themselves from their environment, the Zhou established primitive tribal settlements. Life and culture within these settlements is heavily dictated by the size of the tribe and their immediate environment. While most tribes seek to establish a balance with their environment, and fight against their insatiable hunger, more than a few tribes do not. These warlike tribes spread, die, and regrow quickly as they seek to consume all, even other Zhou. 

Making contact with the Twi-Far, a few Zhou have been invited to leave (or stowed away from) their homeworld to mingle with the other races of Haven. The Zhou are viewed with great suspicion, with many people knowing that within each one there is the ability to become an all-consuming plague.

Common Characteristics 
Cunning, fast learner, fierce, instinctual, and primal.

Common Names 
Zogn, Zupolo, Zwar, Zwock, Zargnar, Zilsian, Zorn or Zopo.

Common Tribal Names 
Black Sun Nomads, Red Horn Warband or White Tide Tribe.

Example Zhou Character 
Zafrock had witnessed first-hand the dark side of his people’s insatiable hunger. Born to a chieftain of a small jungle tribe on Praid, Zafrock had a simple but fulfilling childhood. But all of that changed when a rampaging Red Horn Warband had moved through his tribe’s area, eating his entire village… people, huts, tools, and the surrounding jungle. Zafrock had survived by being thrown into a river and washed down stream. Praid never felt like home again. 

Many years later Zafrock befriended Twi-Far merchants, and was given a chance to visit new worlds. Taking a star ship to the Haven system (a difficult and hungry journey). Zafrock was amazed at the technological wonders he saw, and baffled by the numerous complex social structures. He was often mistaken for being a Nephilim, an error that he rarely corrected. 

Adjusting quickly to his new, wider, home, Zafrock was able to find work as a terrestrial tracker, and bounty hunter.


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