The space-faring nomadic Twi-Far are two sentient species inhabiting a single body, the Archon created race known as the Twilinger, and an energy based alien race of unknown origin known as the Faren. 

Twi-Far Race Traits 
» Faren-Blast: A single Cost 1 or 2 Weapon with the Energy Keyword gains the Natural and Slow Keywords, and has -3 Weight. 
» +1 Astronomy, Command, Operations, and Heavy Arms. 
» +1 Armour vs Energy. 
» Gain Language: Twilinger. 
» -2 Maximum Strength. 
» Any Attack with the Energy Keyword that causes you Endurance Damage gains Splash +1. 
» You may not take Implant Traits.

Play a Twi-Far if you: 
» Value beauty, art, and skill. 
» Value ideological, and philosophical tensions. 
» Want to be a space hippie. 
» Want a symbiotic relationship with an unknowable intellect within your own body. 
» Want to shoot energy bolts. 
» Like to have unique powers and abilities.

Physical Qualities 
» Average Height: 1.75m. 
» Average Weight: 68kg. 
» Average Life Span: 65 years. 
» Brightly coloured, orange, glowing skin.

Mother Fleet: The Roost
For a century following the Great War, the Twi-Far have traveled the darker corners of the galaxy, salvaging what they can from long dead Human worlds and forgotten outposts. While they prefer to keep their solar-sail fleets small and nimble, their increasing number of conflicts with the powerful Oni have forced the Twi-Far to gather together in larger numbers for protection and resource conservation. The largest of these fleets is known as The Roost. 

Commonly made up of over two thousand ships, The Roost is ever changing. Fluctuating emphasis between commerce, science, and military. Depending on what ships are currently present as the fleet moves around Haven and its neighboring systems. 

When stationary, the Twi-Far will often link their ships together around large, ornately decorated, central vessels. Creating a temporary, ever changing, web-like city that allows for some movement on foot. 

The Twi-Far are careful to not remain in one place for too long, jumping their fleets every few days, often without notice to any outside observers.

Twi-Far Culture 
Used by their Archon creators as sacrificial pawns during the Great War, the Twilinger fled far out into uncharted space (possibly further than even Humanity had traveled). There they wandered for a century before returning to the Habrixis sector. While traveling the stars the Twilinger encountered innumerable wonders, but none had so greater impact on them as the Faren. An alien race of energy beings, whom they formed a symbiotic relationship with. 

At a young age a Twilinger will undergo a secretive ritual known as the the Melding where a chosen Faren is inserted into their bloodstream. This process is incredibly painful, requiring the youth to be isolated for many weeks before they emerge as a singular being, a Twi-Far. Unable to openly communicate with each other, the Twilinger and the Faren now begin a life long journey together, often only truly connecting in their twilight years after a lifetime of mutual dedication towards one another. 

An artistic race, the Twi-Far enjoy all manner of fine arts and creative outlets. From music, performance, visual, and martial arts. This combined with their star-faring ways has led the Twi-Far to create wondrous and beautiful spacecraft. Often with intricate carvings along their hallways, grand multi-coloured solar sails, and exotic hull designs. 

The Twi-Far Culture is divided into three primary circles, each with its own focus. The Dragon (warriors, pragmatists, with a focus on the ‘struggle’), the Salamander (vocational, patient, with a focus on the ‘now’), and the Phoenix (scientists, prophets, and dreamers, with a focus on the ‘new’).

Common Characteristics 
Creative, dedicated, focused, mystical, passionate or talented.

Common Male Names 
Casamir, Colia, Hanzi, Lasho, Orchilo, Simionce, or Zache.

Common Female Names 
Araunya, Jeta, Lala, Mirela, Papin, Sinfi or Ujaranza.

Common Family/Ship Names 
Black-Mooring,, Celestial-Spring, Enchantment, Essence, Expedition, Forever-Trail, Spirit-Walker, Star-Gazer or Traversal.

Example Twi-Far Character 
Luludja Essence loved to fly, the freedom of open space, the wonders of the unexplored, the adrenaline of a life or death dog fight, these are what she lived for. 

Her family had been killed by the Oni shortly after her Melding; she had been raised by her Phoenix grandparents on the ship ‘Essence’. Her grandparents were patient, kind people, who taught her to listen to her inner Faren. Luluja would at times find her Faren pulling at her limbs, nudging her mind, and making her blood glow. For what purpose she did not know, but it seem very eager for her to explore the Haven system. What did it want her to find?


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