Betraying their Archon creators, the Ursai sided with the invading Nephilim during the Great War. But this was all for naught as they themselves were in turn betrayed and exterminated. This would have been their end if it were not for the arrival of a god-like entity known as the All-Being some thirty years later who raised tens of thousands of them from the dead. The Remnant became a new spiritually focused people, forever seeking to discover the true nature of the All-Being, and to learn why they, traitors, were brought back to life.

Remnant Race Traits 
» Gain +1 too two stats, can't go over max. 
» +1 Psychology, Gunnery, and Small Arms. 
» +2 Defence vs Psionics. 
» Gain Language: Ursai. 
» Bleeding Effect deals Attribute Damage to 2 random (2d6) Attributes (normally 1). 
» -1 Maximum Reflexes, and Perception. 
» -1 to all Spare Time Rolls. 
» Complication: Prejudice from Corporation, and Legion.

Play a Remnant if you: 
» Value deeper questions of spirituality,  morality, redemption, and life. 
» Want to be a space priest. 
» Have firm convictions. 
» Enjoy psionics. 
» Enjoy having a dark past.

Physical Qualities 
» Average Height: 1.9m. 
» Average Weight: 145kg. 
» Average Life Span: 75 years. 
» Fur covered skin. 
» Mammalian features.

Home World: 
Kumba The Remnant home world Kumba was the centre of pre-war Ursai society. A planet of sweeping grass plains, grand cities, and great space stations. It has now been reduced to a noxious world of deserts and ruins haunted by psionic ghosts known as Echoes. 

Every day hundreds of people make month-long pilgrimages from Haven to Kumba to seek the blessing of the All-Being among the Simba Mabwes, sacred places and objects of power where grand miracles have been known to happen. While several dozen Simba Mabwes are hidden in the noxious Kumba deserts, most have massive structures of worship and cities built up around them. In recent years these places of power have begun to go quiet as the All-Being has increasingly withdrawn his presence from Kumba; making these pilgrimages seemingly meaningless, and the safety of the Remnant cities that relied on their protection precarious as violent Echoes close in.

Zone Worlds 

Remnant Culture 
Remnant culture largely revolves around two central questions; who is the All-Being? And, why were the Remnant chosen to be raised from the dead? These deep and immensely difficult questions have fragmented their society, leading to the formation of thousands of factions, belief systems, organisations, and sub-cultures. With few giving room for an apathetic or non-committal approach to life. 

The bulk of the Remnant population live in large, tightly packed cities on Kumba. City life often revolves around strict rules, structure and discipline. Those who live outside these cities often lead nomadic and dangerous lives in the far reaches of space or the haunted Kumba deserts. These nomadic Remnant are often driven by a desire for self-discovery and learning. 
The Remnant are not a single nation, but a loose federation of nations, each with their own governing body. Most governments are theocratic democracies, with the elected heads of state and religious leaders working closely together. In recent years, with the Remnant reconnecting with the Haven races and the withdrawing of the All-Being’s power from Kumba, Remnant society has once again began to fracture. While some embrace this change, many fear they have angered their god.

Common Characteristics 
Dedicated, deep thinker, opinionated, passionate, philisophical, respectful, traditional, and zealous.

Common Male Names 
Adashe, Banga, Chigiya, Davidzo, Dzokera, Ega, Gadzirai, or Gugu.

Common Female Names 
Anatsa, Chabarwa, Chenai, Chiedza, Donhodzo, Edzai, Haatsari, or Idanayi.

Common Family Names 
Chechipiri, Chengetedzwa, Itsva, Jesu, Krisitu, or Ruponeso.

Example Remnant Character 
Banga’s parents were tactical defence engineers during the Great War, tasked with the construction of a large automated defence grid around Haven… a task they chose to fail at. Spontaneously raised from the dead some eighty years later in the deserts of Kumba, they now lead peaceful lives, dedicating themselves to the care of the descendants of the Haven Kaltorans whome they had betrayed. 

Banga liked Haven, and the Kaltorans, but his parent’s faith was not his. Why should he be forced to live a boring life making amends for a great sin that he never committed? He wanted more. 

Having spent years amongst Kaltoran refugees, Banga found  employment on a Kaltoran cruiser as a gun hand. Life on a merc ship was difficult, but exciting. It would have been sustainable… if the strange dreams had not begun. Slowly at first, then, as he resisted them, they became stronger… the All-Being called.


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