During the Great War, the Archons thought they were adapting Human created software to produce the mechanical horrors known as Mechonids, but in truth they were ham-fistedly warping sentient and fully aware digital Human minds into sociopathic killers. 

Despite the Great War ending, the Mechonids continue to harvest these minds to create more of their own. Forcing these digital beings, known as the Palantor, to flee back into a physical existence that they had not experienced for over three millennia.

Palantor Race Traits 
» You are a Robot! 
» Gain a Professional Skill based Secret Knowledge or a Moderate Perk. 
» +1 Programming, Engineering, and Tactical. 
» Gain Language: Palantor Code. 
» -2 Maximum Intelligence. 
» -2 Medicine. 
» Death may not be avoided by reducing Fate. A new body may be built to recover from your demise by spending 5000 credits times your level. 
» Complications: Psychological Condition, and prejudice from Remnant.

Play a Palantor if you: 
» Value secrets, and electronic technology. 
» Want to have a robot body. 
» Want to be immortal. 
» Enjoy having an unstable or eccentric mind.

Physical Qualities 
» Average Height: 1.9m. 
» Average Weight: 320kg. 
» Average Life Span: Unknown. 
» Ornate robotic bodies. Often white, purple, and metallic.

Home Network: The Palantor Network 
During the early years of Humanities genetic erosion, much of their population turned to electronic technology for their salvation. They installed thousands of cloaked transmitters throughout the galaxy (one such transmitter is rumoured to lie within the Haven system) and the Palantor Project created a vast decentralized server where they could store digital copies of their minds. These transmitters were maintained, and guarded by large, automated robotic forces (later to become the first Mechonids). 

The Palantor Networks digital interior is unimaginably vast and varied, allowing the encased minds to create and shape their digital surrounding as they see fit. But this wonderland of digital creation now lies in tatters as the Mechonids have turned on their former brothers and sisters, constantly tearing out huge sections of the network as they harvest the minds that have yet to leave. The Palantor now fight to maintain, and gain control over what transmitters they can. Without control over these transmitters no further minds can escape or re-enter the Palantor Network.

Zone Network

Palantor Culture
Most Palantor consider themselves to be no more Human than any of the other genetically engineered races. Just that the nature of their creation was digital, not biological. 

Inside their Network the Palantor allowed their consciousness’s to expand to extraordinarily large sizes. This resulted in the need for them to (often hastily) trim themselves down to fit within their new robotic bodies as they fled into the physical universe. This, combined with their digital nature, has resulted in many peculiar, and at times detrimental, mental conditions and eccentricities. While many hold out hope that they might one day reclaim the Palantor Network, many Palantor have embraced their new, exciting, physical existence. 

Despite their refusal to acknowledge weakness or their need for help, most know that the Palantor are losing their digital war, especially now that the Haven races (and especially the Corporation) have woken so many Mechonids.

Common Characteristics 
Aloof, pragmatic, proud, and quiet.

Common Male Names 
Adorjan, Agoston, Akira, Balint, Biaggio, Katashi, or Yuuto.

Common Female Names 
Adria, Aoi, Bia, Chiyo, Emi, Hina, Mayu, or Umeko.

Example Palantor Character 
Hina_0845 had vague memories of the woman she was copied from. A textile artist who loved to work with greens and grey. 

The womans name was Hina Bootar, but Hina_0845 was not this woman, her digital mind had stretched between stars as she occupied her thoughts with pleasures and ideas that no biological mind could imagine. 

She had cared little for textiles… though she did like green… that is, until the scouring light had come. An insatiable maw of digital death, it had hunted her, tore and swallowed her… Hina_0845’s mind had been ripped out of the Palantor Network by Archon technicians, altered for combat and placed within a Mechonid body. 

For the next forty years Hina had hunted and slaughtered. Her mind overpowered by a million, million other crazed, desperate and murderous minds. She would have remained in this madness if her people had not saved her. 

They captured her mechanical body and severed her minds link to the other Mechonid, slowly they pieced her thoughts back together, filling in the blanks with new code. She still went by the name Hina_0845, but she was not the same, she was once again reborn, remade. Her mind no longer stretched between stars, it was contained within the circuits of a single grey and green mechanical body. She no longer idled away her time with inane pleasures and distractions; she had new focus, a burning desire to help other lost digital souls like her own… only occasionally did unhelpful thoughts of murder and textiles make themselves known.


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