Cluster ZION-167435

Cluster ZION-167435 aka Zion Nebula 
The Zion Nebula was a tactical cluster of planetary systems that had multiple operating bases for the various races during the Great War. There may not have been many large conflicts in this cluster but the ones that took place were some of the worse the galaxy had ever seen. Countless atrocities occurred on this side of the Veil as each side freely unleashed their weapons of war.

At the end of the war, when Xion fled, there was one final conflict along the edge of the Veil. No one knows exactly what happened or who all was involved but what is known is it is seemingly impossible to cross the Veil as no word is ever sent back and no one ever returns. The last transmission that made it through was a declaration of a ceasefire as the war had ended. 

At that point the various races pulled back to their bases and waited for word to arrive, it never did. Over the hundred years that passed there were some minor conflicts but nothing to respark the war. In recent years the four core races have formed a council to try to ensure some sort of peace, a fragile peace at best.  

Known Planetary Systems 
Rorak System
Delo System
Fyta System
Vopen System
Xeer System
Hutaq System

Other Points of Interest

Cluster ZION-167435

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