Resources, Trade Goods, and Wealth

Resources to Corp. Credits 
The resource system is being removed from the game as keeping track of credit value should not be a difficult process. We will now be using corporate credits as the common trade currency throughout the galaxy. While a majority of places will openly accept credits it is not uncommon for many merchants and smaller settlements to rely primarily on equal trade. This trade is completely up to the negotiations between buyer and seller and could be anything from physical items to offering to do a favor. To ease the transition from resources to credits and calculating how much starting credits you have to work with we will be going off the basis that one resource is equivalent to one thousand credits. This does not translate over to equipment costs as the costs of equipment have purposefully been kept vague in the books. All equipment costs will be updated for the new system.

Trade Goods
Trade goods take the form of trade boxes within the game. Trade boxes are valued based on what is stored within them and the amount of trade boxes that you have. Trade boxes are also the primary means of transporting materials and items for use and trade. A basic trade box is a five feet wide by ten feet long by two and a half feet deep container that has been modified to safely and securely transport the cargo inside of them. Other variations of trade boxes may differ in shade and size based on what is being transported inside of them. You can fit five basic trade boxes worth of cargo in one unused cargo space. 

The wealth skill is being altered slightly to better fit the new credit system. Wealth will still be a measure of your ability to use money and barter, and your knowledge of financial values, business, and economics. However your wealth skill will also influence how much money you get at character creation. After finalizing your attributes and skills you will roll a wealth skill check with no workshop bonuses however you can include tool bonuses. You will then gain a amount of credits equal to your ROLL * 100. For example a character with a +2 to wealth rolls could gain between 500 credits and 2000 credits while a character specialized in bank with a +6 could start with a extra 900 to 2400 credits depending on what he rolls.

Gear and Items 

Resources, Trade Goods, and Wealth

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