Research is the gathering and documentation of both applied and theoretical knowledge. Research serves several purposes: developing new technologies, finding new applications of existing technologies, advancing personal knowledge, and gaining Influence through publishing or selling your work. Research is acquired in units that are gained by describing in character how you are acquiring your Research Units, usually through studying a mysterious feature within the game. To gain Research Units with Spare Time Rolls, you must have access to a relevant Workshop, usually kept on your spacecraft. Occasionally you will find research data partially done by someone else. Found data often grants Research Units or a +1 or +2 Description Bonus to your Spare Time Roll or gives you partial completion of the task.

Secret Knowledge or Research Perks 
Once you gain enough research units on a subject you can spend your research units on perks and secret knowledge. This does not lower your research units but locks those points from being spent on additional perks or knowledge on that subject.

Simple perks or Knowledge 
Very basic perks but they can be incredibly useful when in a tight spot. These are typically spent on minor boons with a research subject and have a large amount of benefits that you can gain with them.
Cost- 10 research +3 for each additional simple perk or knowledge 
Example- You find a ancient data cache that once studied unlocks a set of coordinates to an unknown location.

Moderate Perks or Knowledge 
These perks can be very powerful if used correctly and can pave the way for the future of your character. Though it is to be said some of the perks will announce your loyalties to a particular faction possibly creating enemies and competitors that work against you.
Cost- 25 research +7 for each additional moderate perk or knowledge
Example- You study the properties of a caustic nebula and unlock it's properties allowing to be weaponized and created into a new variation of a chemical weapon.

Major Perks or Knowledge 
These perks can completely change how you play your character opening doors of opportunity that were previously closed. The possibilities of this perk are highly powerful and far spreading, from giving you prototype schematics to secret alien tech. Depending how this is used in game actions may be required to gain it's full benefits.
Cost- 75 research +10 for each additional major perk or knowledge
Example- You have been working closely with this meditech company for a long time now sharing research that you find and helping them get a leg up on their competitors. You hear of a cutting edge implant that they are currently testing and decide that you want to take part in it. You call one of the techs and send word that you want to be a tester, with your connections you get fast tracked to the front of the list.

Plot Perks or Knowledge 
These perks are gained through the completion of story lines and major world events. You have gone above and beyond what is expected of you and are respected by hundreds of thousands of people. These perks usually involve some permanent boon that are incredibly difficult to lose.
Cost- N/A
Example- You saved an entire planet from a alien plague. The people of the the planet celebrate you and give you offerings. In addition you gain a permanent base of operations for you and your crew on the planet that comes with a landing platform for your ship.

Legendary Perks or Knowledge 
These perks are game changing perks and usually one of a kind perks. They can take many shapes and forms including gear, ships, player unlocks for future characters and a infinite amount of other possibilities. However it should be known that if these perks are lost for what ever reason that they are gone forever.
Cost- N/A


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